Tree Braces & Support Systems

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We think of trees as being infallible. They are tall and strong, and they last forever. Unfortunately, that’s not always the case. Sometimes our trees need our help to thrive. At those times, bracing your tree will give it the support system it needs to grow up, recover, or protect itself from local dangers. Braces are not a permanent solution. They are used only until the tree is strong enough to be able to take care of itself.

Young trees

When you plant a new tree, you want to ensure that it can grow to be big and strong. Small and young trees are susceptible to dangers because they don’t have a strong root system to support them yet. Bracing a tree gives it a chance to develop those strong roots while being supported. Not every young tree needs a support system. Your San Antonio tree nursery will know how to handle your tree, whether that means adding a support system or not. If you’re unsure about who to call, contact Premier Tree Surgeons San Antonio for advice.

Other reasons for bracing

There are other reasons for bracing a tree, too. Regardless of how developed the root system is, a new tree in an area with a lot of people would benefit from bracing. This helps it to avoid being harmed by accidental contact. If your tree is beginning to lean, you may want to brace it to help it stay upright and growing in the direction that you want. The type of tree or soil may also impact your decision to brace or not. Some trees are naturally weaker and could use support longer. Your arborist will have more information about this. Finally, if your soil is loose or overly wet or dry, it can be hard for the roots to take hold, so bracing is beneficial.

Does your tree need a brace?

It might! If you are unsure whether your tree needs a brace or not, it is best to call a San Antonio tree service to ask for their professional advice. Local arborists have experience with local trees and soil. They know what types of trees, soil, and combinations, should be braced and for how long. If you don’t currently have an arborist, you should contact Premier Tree Surgeons San Antonio to see what we can do for you.

Why hire a professional?

Are you sure that your tree needs a brace? A professional will know not only if it needs a brace, but why, what type, and for how long. If you want your tree to grow tall and strong, you don’t want to make any mistakes when it is young. Hiring a professional ensures that proper bracing and support protocol is followed, and your tree will be able to thrive. In the case of a damaged or leaning tree, improper support systems can make the problem worse. Contact Premier Tree Surgeons San Antonio for a proper tree bracing.

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