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Trees can be tricky plants. They seem so simple, and do require less work than other plants you may have, but that doesn’t mean they can be neglected and still expected to thrive. Tree trimming helps to keep the branches healthy by removing damaged or dead part. You can’t forget about the inside of the tree or the roots though. Think of the branches as the face of the treat and the trunk and roots as the body. You need to keep a healthy body and the way to accomplish that is by fertilizing your tree.

Fertilizer best practices

Generally, young trees will require more fertilizer treatments than older trees. This is to help develop their roots systems so that they can grow and stay a beautiful addition to your property for years to come. Young trees benefit from long-lasting treatments rather than a quick release fertilizer. Saplings are growing rapidly and need fertilizer to keep them well-fed and able to continue that growth without sacrificing strength. Old trees are not growing as much so they are more low-maintenance. You can get away with fewer applications and a greater focus on maintaining the tree instead of growing or improving it.

Fertilizer types

There are two main types of fertilizer: organic and inorganic. There are benefits to both. Talk to your arborist about your tree and your goals so that they can determine the best fertilizer type for your tree. Inorganic fertilizers are the type that you typically think of when you think of a fertilizer. They’re the most commonly used type and come in a variety of application methods. These are good for feeding your tree. Organic fertilizers are things like manure, old bark, moss, and others. These help to add nutrients to the soil to make it a welcoming environment for your tree’s roots.

Why use fertilizers?

Anyone who has a tree wants to keep it strong, green, and healthy. A healthy tree is an attractive tree. You take the time to trim your tree and remove hazards. You do landscaping around your lawn and may even fertilize your grass or garden areas. Why would you stop there? Why not do a fertilizer treatment for your trees and keep them looking nice for years to come. Premier Tree Surgeons San Antonio can work with you to develop a fertilizer plan that works for your specific needs.

Why use a professional?

You can go to many home stores and find fertilizers for sale. They even have many different types and the containers include instructions. So why spend money on a tree service for something that you can do yourself? Because you don’t want to risk the health and life of your tree. San Antonio tree service companies know San Antonio trees. We know what needs to be done to take care of them and we know the risks of over- or under-fertilizing as well as exactly what type of fertilizer is best for each tree and soil type.

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