About Us

This is a picture of a premier tree surgeons San Antonio pros.

Premier Tree Surgeons San Antonio wants to be your tree care specialist. We know about tree service in San Antonio.

We know the best trees for your property based on where you are located and what your tree goals are. Not every tree works for every home and we are happy to help you select which one will work for you. We are proud to be one of the leading tree nurseries in San Antonio. Once you have that tree, we’ll be happy to help it make it to adulthood. Ask us about bracing and fertilizing your young trees.

We know how to trim a tree. There is more to it than just lopping off the damaged branches and throwing them in a chipper. An experienced tree trimming service will assess the tree and can make cuts that promote new, healthy growth while keeping your tree looking great. Premier Tree Surgeons San Antonio is that experienced tree trimming service.

We know about stump removal. This is a difficult job, and it’s nearly impossible for people to attempt on their own. Inevitably roots are left behind, or the yard is torn up much more than is necessary when an amateur does this. We are not amateurs. We have done many stump removals with fantastic results.

In short, we know trees. If you use Premier Tree Surgeons San Antonio as your arborist, you will be amazed at how good your tree can look, and how healthy it can be.

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