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If you have a tree, you should have a professional arborist in San Antonio. Most trees will not require much care, but it is beneficial to have someone you can count on to come out when you have a problem with your plant or to trim your tree for a touch-up. San Antonio home and business owners trust Cut & Trim Tree Service company with their tree needs. From the nursery and planting to removal, we can handle any of your trees needs to improve its appearance or chances of surviving and thriving. If you need fast and affordable Tree Service in San Antonio, just call us.

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Cut & Trim Tree Service is a tree care company that helps you with any tree problems you have or may develop. We have devoted our careers to offering the best tree services in San Antonio. We are passionate about trees and we want to help you with yours. We can work on commercial or residential property and perform any service that you might need. Contact us for more information about how we can help you to maintain or improve your tree and your property’s appearance.

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From tree nurseries to tree removal and every stage in between, you can count on Cut & Trim Tree Service to help your tree. Trees are an important part of the landscaping, and we truly know that. Whether your tree is the centerpiece of your yard or a complement to your other plants, we can help to keep it healthy and looking great. Allow us to take care of your tree by fertilizing it appropriately for its age and type, bracing young or struggling trees, removing needless trees or stumps, trimming branches for appearance and health, or other Tree Service in San Antonio as needed.

This is a picture of a tree and stump removal.

Is there anything worse than stubbing your toe on a stump in your yard? What about an abundance of insects? Maybe an inability to properly mow and landscape your area due to an old stump in the middle of the grass? No doubt about it, stumps are bad news. Luckily, Cut & Trim Tree Service has experience with tree removal without disrupting your yard too much. You can count on us to take care of it without leaving holes in your yard or pieces of wood laying around. We won’t leave your lawn the way we found it; we’ll leave it better.

This is a picture of a tree trimming.

It is quite obvious that trimming trees improves their appearance and, of course your property. If you’re looking to give your landscaping a facelift, tree trimming could be the solution that you are looking for. This service, while great for the look of your tree, can be about more than that. Trimming your tree can remove damaged branches, leaving only branches full of healthy green leaves. It can also be done in a way to promote growth in the branches.

This is a picture of a tree hazard inspection.

When a branch is hanging down and precariously balanced you know that you have a tree hazard that needs to be removed. Sometimes it’s not quite so clear though. Sometimes you need to have a professional tree trimmer look at the tree and evaluate the damage, how hazardous it is, and what should be done to minimize the risk to your tree and other property. Cut & Trim Tree Service can assess your tree for damage and offer suggestions for what we can do to repair the tree with minimal complications for you.

“When I moved into my new home there was a big tree stump in the middle of the backyard. My husband and I tried to cut it down as much as we could, but it still got in the way when mowing or sitting on our patio. Cut & Trim Tree Service took care of it and now we can finally enjoy our backyard! They are the best Arborist in San Antonio”
-Jennifer F.

This is a picture of a tree hazard inspection service.

“I had a tree branch that looked like it would fall soon. I was so scared that it would fall on one of my kids. Cut & Trim Tree Service came out and trimmed the tree so it’s no longer a danger to my family.”
-Edward J.

This is a picture of a fertilization service.

“Cut & Trim Tree Service saved my tree. They developed a plan that included bracing and fertilization. It’s much stronger now and I can tell it’s going to be here for a long time.” If you need Tree Service in San Antonio just call them!
-Jamie S.

This is a picture of a tree and stump removal service.

Trees are symbols of strength and longevity. That’s reasonable and logical; they’re tall with thick trunks and usually outlast us. However, they sometimes need a little help to get to that point. After all, they don’t start out as fully-grown trees. They start out as frail saplings. If your sapling is especially frail, it may need to have a brace or support system put in place until its roots become stronger. Braces aren’t only for young trees though. If you’re concerned about your tree leaning or if your soil is no longer supporting the roots and trunk the way it needs to, your tree may need to be braced.

This is a picture of a tree braces and support system.

Regardless of where it is in its lifecycle, your tree can benefit from fertilization. Talk to your tree service about what it can do for your tree. Your tree service professional can walk you through the options – type of fertilizer, frequency of applications, etc. – and explain how each will help your tree. Trying to fertilize on your own can lead to problems resulting from over- or under-fertilizing, which can hurt your tree more than neglecting fertilizers. Using the wrong type can be ineffective, or worse, actually cause harm. Talk to a specialist to make a personalized plan before fertilizing.

This is a picture of a fertilization.

You can be a good friend to your tree by hiring a professional tree service to take care of it. A certified tree care service in San Antonio can do many things for your tree to help it. These things include the services mentioned above and more. Your arborist can work with you to make a plan for your tree that works for everyone. We can help whether that plan is long-term like bracing or a fertilization schedule or short-term like a one-day stump removal project.

This is a picture of a tree care.

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If you have any concerns about your tree, then you should call Cut & Trim Tree Service. We are professional Arborist in San Antonio. We specialize in trees and we know what to do to keep your trees thriving. This is our way of helping to beautify San Antonio and help our neighbors feel good about their properties. Healthy, disease-free trees benefit everyone, not only the property owner. Contact us today for Tree Service in San Antonio.